Cars For Hope began as a way to tell the story of our friend, Annabel. It was our way to remind her that she matters and that we love her. Annabel was growing up and starting to figure out how our world works, how our world thinks, and what our world thinks is important. For a long time, she struggled with self-injury and she believed the lie that the world had forgotten about her. The most heart-wrenching feeling was seeing a loved one in a state where they had no urge to be picked up. It has to be one of the worst feelings one could ever experience.

You may not know Annabel, but this is for sure: there is a good chance you know an Annabel. Maybe you are an Annabel. Either way, you are breathing, living, reading these words and reflecting on the life that led you here.

We started out small. We placed a sticker on our car and we went racing. People came up to us wondering what the sticker meant and we would tell them the story behind it. Today there are thousands of stickers and tens of thousands of people helping to spread the message across Australia and the world.

We have heard stories from all over the world. From all ages, genders and races.

We have heard from people helping people.

We have heard from those who were once confused with what mental illness actually is.

We have heard from people taking the brave steps towards help and healing.

We have heard from people sitting across from their doctor or counsellor for the first time.

And we will continue to hear from people pursuing stability and a full recovery.

That’s what we’re all about.